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The licence

EPICT is a comprehensive, flexible and efficient in-service training course introducing a European quality standard for the continued professional development of teachers in the pedagogical integration of information, media and communication technologies (ICT) in education. Over the years, EPICT has created a world-wide standard for teachers in their career progress by not just creating opportunities to learn ICT skills but by assisting them in pedagogically applying those skills for student learning. Internationally, they represent themselves as International Pedagogical ICT Licence (IPICT).


Initiated by the Danish Ministry of Education and UNI-C in 1998, the European Pedagogical ICT Licence (EPICT) was aimed to create an international concept for the professional development of teachers, for most of whom have little or no understanding of how to use ICT- the new tool, pedagogically and for teachers with different starting points and different interests.
With support from the European Commission’s eContent programme, the concept was localised and tested in a number of countries and accordingly amended and improved, based on experiences. A consortium, the EPICT Group, was formed with the objective of disseminating EPICT internationally. UNI•C is the consortium’s Secretariat and legal identity.

Course Structure

The IPICT course consists of eight modules. Each module follows the same structure dealing with an overall theme that is described both from a pedagogical and from an ICT-skill point of view. A module consists of the following types of material:
  • Articles, case studies and examples of good practice that focus on the pedagogical possibilities that arise from ICT integration.
  • ICT exercises, the ICT skills (platform independent). The exercises illustrate key functions and issues in the ICT theme of the module.
  • CT manuals (platform dependent) Module assignment Pedagogical discussions and the preparation of the assignment paper takes place in the team where as the work with the ICT exercises and ICT manuals is individual according to the level of ICT skills of each participant. Each teacher studies the material to the level he/she needs.
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